Metabot DLL that references another DLL … where to place them?

Imagine I create a MetaBot. In that MetaBot I add a Windows DLL that exposes functions I wish to call. Great!!! Let us call that DLL MyMetaBot.DLL.

Now imagine that this DLL (MyMetaBot.DLL) itself has a pre-requisite of another DLL. It needs “MyLibrary.DLL” at run-time.

When I register MyMetaBot.DLL with my MetaBot definition and try and run it in AA, I get the error “MyLibrary.DLL” not found. That makes sense as no-where along the line have I told AA where to go look for the MyLibrary.DLL. I tried adding MyLibrary.DLL as an “Asset” in the MetaBot but that didn’t work (that would have been great). So the question before me is …

What is the correct procedure for adding requisite DLLs to a MetaBot controlled exposed DLL?


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