Secure and harden Netezza data warehouse appliance with InfoSphere Guardium

This article will build the basic foundation of a hardened, monitored,
and secured Netezza environment. To achieve this, InfoSphere Guardium, IBM’s solution for
database activity monitoring and auditing, will be used. Hardening Netezza with Guardium
will be presented as a multi-step process: The first step will address the basic initial
setup from a security and user access management perspective. Configuration of users,
groups, and privileges will be addressed. The second step will leverage Guardium
Vulnerability Assessment to scan the environment for Netezza-specific insecure
configurations and privileges. The third step will detail how to address some of the
failed Vulnerability Assessment test by making appropriate adjustments in Netezza configuration.
The last step is ensuring that the optimal configuration of privileges built in the first
and third stages are not tampered with. Guardium Entitlement Reports will be used to
audit the Netezza user management. By this stage we have built a hardened Netezza appliance
with ongoing assessments using InfoSphere Guardium.


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