Sending emails from IBM BPM on Cloud?

If I run IBM BPM within my own enterprise, I can configure BPM to use my own SMTP server within my enterprise to send emails. However, when I run IBM BPM on Cloud I seem to have a puzzle/problem. To what SMTP server should I direct my requests to transmit emails?

I can’t target my internal SMTP server because it is internal and there is no network path from BPM on Cloud to my internal corporate SMTP server. Unfortunately, even if there was a path, the IBM supplied SMTP email service within [IBM BPM][1] doesn’t support SMTP credentials and I obviously can’t expose an un-authenticated SMTP relay to the Internet from within my company.

Has anyone successfully achieved sending emails from a BPM process hosted by IBM BPM on Cloud and, if so, what recipe was used to transmit the emails?



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