ServerSocketChannel.bind () error in Oracl embedded JVM

Hello. I am researching Oracle for training purposes. I am currently trying to program in the embedded JVM.
And I found the following error:
if you use “ServerSocketChannel.bind (new InetSocketAddress (InetAddress.getLocalHost (). getHostAddress (), port)”,
then an error is caused:

**” bind failed, errno = 10049
required address for its context is incorrect.
at (Native Method)
at (
at (
at (
at java.nio.channels.ServerSocketChannel.bind (”**

Any attempt to bind ServerSocketChannel by name or IP address results in this error.
I have not found any description of this error on the Internet, and it is suggested that this
development error.
OS Windows7 64 bit, Windows 10. Oracle Database 18c Enterprise Edition Release – Production
Partially this error corrects: “System.setProperty (“”, “true”)”;
In this case, ServerSocketChannel.bind () works well,
but attempt to return ip address:
“ServerSocketChannel.socket (). GetInetAddress (). GetHostAddress ());”
“ServerSocketChannel.getLocalAddress ();”
causes an error


therefore, this error is always called as soon as it tries to connect to the listener.
is it possible to fix it?

If this is a bug, what are the chances that Oracle will fix it?
Is it possible to send a request to the support service to eliminate this bug, if I do not have a license key?. Thank.


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