SHC114 chassis component issue detected

1- Found the following message/alert in the system healthcheck report

Rule : SHC114
Issue Detected : Chassis component health issue detected
Severity : Medium
Components : rack1.chassis1.blade1 (from ibm_amm) – Component
health state is critical
rack1.chassis1.system (from ibm_amm) – Component
health state is critical

2- Logged into the Advance Management Module

Hostname: mm001
Static IP address:
Burned-in MAC address: 98:BE:94:12:68:D8
DHCP: Disabled – Use static IP configuration.
Last login: Tuesday July 25 2017 15:18 from (SSH)

system> health -l a -f
system: Critical
mm[1] : OK
mm[2] : OK
blade[1] : Critical
(SN#Y014UF63R0CK) FW/BIOS, firmware progress
Error) error
blade[3] : OK
blade[5] : OK
blade[7] : OK
blade[9] : OK
blade[11] : OK
blade[13] : OK
power[1] : OK
power[2] : OK
power[3] : OK
power[4] : OK
blower[1] : OK
blower[2] : OK
switch[7] : OK
switch[9] : OK



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