UBA 2.1.1 and new Machine Learning strangeness.

On QRadar 7.3.0 fixpack 4.
UBA 2.1.1 is now running and showing users.
I’m confused on the Status of the Machine Learning app.

[root@qradar tmp]# psql -U qradar -c “select name,id,status from installed_application;”
name | id | status ———————————–+——+——— User Analytics | 2905 | RUNNING Machine Learning Analytics | 2954 | RUNNING dataimport.ldap.applicationname | 2904 | RUNNING

BUT, in the “Machine Learning Settings” – I see this:
![alt text][1]

I ran the uba_support.py script successfully.

[root@qradar tmp]# python uba_support.py -t 7xxx2
Testing validity of token 7xxx2
Token 7xxx2 is valid
Checking QRadar version…ok
Checking if UBA Memory setting requires adjustment.
QRadar 7.3 detected UBA Memory setting does not require adjustment.
Docker memory in use: 7700 Mb
Max Docker memory available: 12874 Mb
Starting ML app upgrade process.
The ML app has been successfully upgraded.
Setting DSM entry to enabled…done
[root@qradar tmp]#

And then this…

![alt text][2]

[1]: /answers/storage/temp/17309-2017-09-14-095836.jpg
[2]: /answers/storage/temp/17310-2017-09-14-100802.jpg


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