uploading SSL certificate to Bluemix…

I am developing microservices using Spring Boot, Java JDK 1.8, and MongoDB. I have created MongoDB instance on Bluemix and I am connecting to this instance from Java microservices.

The MongoDB instance on Bluemix is SSL enabled and it provides the SSL certificate. For local development, I have Base64 decoded this certificate and I have imported this SSL certificate to the my local java keystore. So locally I am able to connect to the MongoDB instance on Bluemix without any issues.

When I am deploying my spring boot microservices as jar file to Bluemix using cf CLI, the microservices are unable to connect to the MongoDB on Bluemix because I haven’t uploaded the SSL certificate which was provided by MongoDB instance.

Can someone please let me know the steps needed to upload the SSL certificate to Bluemix so my microservices can connect to the MongoDB instance?


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