IIB10 webui ldap authentication

Hi ,

I have searched this forum and couldn’t get answer to my problem. Thing is i m tryign to secure IIB 10 webui with LDAP. I ran following 3 commands.

1. mqsisetdbparms -n ldap::myldap.com -u “CN=mybindID,CN=Users,DC=ab,DC=cd,DC=mydomain,DC=com” -p XXXXXX

2. mqsichangeproperties -b webadmin -o server -n ldapAuthenticationUri -v “ldap://myldap.com:389/OU=myUsers,DC=ab,DC=cd,DC=mydomain,DC=com?sAMAccountName”

3. mqsiwebuseradmin -c -u myusr -x -r admin

( i have created admin role )

I have verified above outputs from LdapAuthetication.jar created on this blog.

Using the LdapAuthentication.jar tool for troubleshooting LDAP authentication and the WebUI

output of LdapAuthentication jar is as follows.

@WMBL3: successful bind

@WMBL3: successfull search

Starting Authentication
Found the user, DN is CN=myusr,OU=myUsers,DC=ab,DC=cd,DC=mydomain,DC=com
@WMBL3 : check if the password is correct

@WMBL3: successful authentication

Once done i restart my integration node. I believe if i launch my webui url http://myiidnode:4415/ it should prompt me for authentication. But it isnt. So what am i missing ?



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