iis server port forwarding

I need to access a web site on IIS Server (located on Windows Server 2012 virtual machine) not directly, using ip address of another virtual machine.

Windows Server ip:
Debian ip:

So I opened all incoming\outcoming connections to any port in server’s firewall and used PuTTY to connect to SSH server on Debain virtual machine and made a ssh tunnel which forwarded localport 8080 (web site port) to the same Debian’s port. In return I get the message that “Local port 8080 forwarding to failed: Network error: Permission denied”.

However I am able to forward any other local ports, even 80 if it’s not bound to any web site. I thought it’s not possible to forward the port connected to a web site and tried to connect local Debian’s port to the “web-port” instead. using command “ssh -N -R 8080:localhost:8080 (ip of windows server)”. It didn’t give me any errors and just left with empty space.

The thing is, I want to connect to the said web site, typing Debian’s ip and port instead of Windows Server’s ones. I didn’t get such result from the described manipulations and wonder if this is even possible.

P.S. I can connect to the website typing in browser address prompt with no problem.


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