Big Data SQL Cloud Service now Available!

Oracle Big Data SQL Cloud Service has been released!

Big Data SQL is Oracle’s breakthrough approach to simplifying access to big data sources. Oracle Big Data SQL provides the ability to query all data – in Hadoop, NoSQL data stores, or Oracle Database – in a single statement.

Oracle Big Data SQL presents Hadoop and other sources as enhanced external tables. These tables are engineered to transparently map the external semantics of data access – horizontal parallelism, location, and schema – to Oracle internals. This ensures the best possible optimizations for access and native processing throughout.

Big Data SQL Cloud Service current capabilities:

  • Run all of Oracle SQL across Oracle’s Enterprise Grade Hadoop service (Big Data Cloud Service) combined with the best database environment, Oracle Exadata Cloud Service
  • These systems are dynamically switched on provisioning to connect over InfiniBand, delivering the highest SQL performance across these systems
  • The systems are dedicated to a customer eliminating the noisy neighbour syndrome
  • Provisioning and set up are fully automated, and the customer can configure the entire system with a few clicks.


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