Build Your Data Lake with Oracle Big Data Service

In today’s world, there’s an ever-growing deluge of highly diverse data coming from diverse sources. In the struggle to manage and organize that data, practitioners are finding it harder when they only have the traditional relational database or data warehouse as options.

That’s why the data lake has become increasingly popular as a complement to traditional data management. Think of the traditional data warehouse as a reservoir—it’s cleansed, drinkable.

The data lake, on the other hand, has data that are of potentially unknown value. The data isn’t necessarily cleansed—which is why it’s more of an adventure. The data lake can be voluminous, brimming with data and unmatched possibilities. Users can easily load even more data and start experimenting to find new insights that organizations couldn’t discover before.

Organizations must be able to:

• Store their data in a way that is less complicated

• Reduce management even though the data is more complex

• Use data in a way that makes sense for them

And that’s exactly why Oracle has created Oracle Big Data Service as a way to help build data lakes.

Oracle Big Data Service is an automated service based on Cloudera Enterprise that provides a cost-effective Hadoop data lake environment—a secure place to store and analyze data of different types from any source. It can be used as a data lake or a machine learning platform.

It comes with a fully integrated stack that includes both open-source and Oracle value-added tools, and it’s designed for enterprises that need flexible deployment options, scalability, and the ability to add tools of their choosing.

Oracle Big Data Service also provides:

  • An easy way to expand on premises to Oracle Cloud
  • Secure, reliable, and elastic Hadoop clusters in minutes
  • Native integration with Oracle Cloud platform services

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Oracle + Hadoop = A Better Data Lake Together

We wanted to make the power of Hadoop and the entire Hadoop ecosystem available to you. But Hadoop can be complicated, which is why we’ve combined the best of what Oracle and Cloudera have to offer and made it into something easier to handle—which makes building and managing your data lake easier than ever.

With Cloudera Enterprise Deployment, our service is vertically integrated for Hadoop, Kafka, and Spark with a best-practices, high-availability deployment.

With Big Data Service, you get:

  • Highly secure, highly available clusters provisioned in minutes
  • Ability to expand on-premises Hadoop, which enables you to deploy, test, development, and/or move data lakes to cloud
  • Flexibility to scale as you wish using high-performance bare metal or cost-effective virtual machine shapes
  • Automatically deployed security and management features

You also can choose your Cloudera version, giving you the ability to:

  • Match your current deployment—which is important for test and dev environments
  • Deploy new versions—allowing you to take advantage of the distribution’s latest features

Oracle Big Data Service Features

We built Oracle Big Data Service to be your go-to big data and data lake solution, one that’s specifically designed for a diverse set of big data use cases and workloads. From short-lived clusters used to tackle specific tasks to long-lived clusters that manage large data lakes, Oracle Big Data Service scales to meet an organization’s requirements at a low cost and with the highest levels of security.

Let’s explore just how Oracle Big Data Service does this.

  1. Oracle Big Data Service and Oracle Cloud SQL

Use Oracle SQL to query across big data sources with Oracle Cloud SQL, including the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), Hive, object stores, Kafka, and NoSQL.

You can accomplish all of this with simple administration, because Oracle Cloud SQL uses existing Hive metadata and security, and offers fast, scale-out processing using Oracle Cloud SQL compute.

  1. Oracle Big Data Service and Big Data Analytics

What use is managing and accessing your data if you can’t run analytics to find real results? We offer support in the areas of machine learning, spatial analysis, and graph analysis to help you get the information your organization needs to gain better business results and improved metrics. Oracle Big Data Service customers are licensed for these options and can deploy at no extra cost.

It’s also easy to connect to Oracle Cloud services such as Oracle Analytics Cloud, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Science, or Oracle Autonomous Database. Or you can use any Cloudera-certified application for a wide range of analytic tools and applications.

  1. Oracle Big Data Service and Workload Portability

Cloud may be the future of enterprise computing, which is why we’ve built the newest, best cloud infrastructure out there with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. But it’s not everything—at least, not yet. You still need to maintain a mix of public cloud, local cloud, and traditional on-premises computing for the foreseeable future.

With Oracle Big Data Service, deploy where it makes sense. With Oracle, if you develop something on premises, it’s easy to move that to the cloud and vice versa.

  1. Oracle Big Data Service and Secure, High-Availability Clusters

With Oracle Big Data Service, expect easy deployment when creating your clusters. Specify minimal settings to create the cluster, then use just one click to create a cluster with highly available Hadoop services.

You also get a choice of Cloudera versions, enabling “Cloud Also” deployments to match for on-premises compatibility, or you can choose newer versions to take advantage of the latest features.

  1. Oracle Big Data Service Offers Security

If you’re using off-box virtualization, Oracle can’t see customer data and customers can’t see Oracle management code. In most first-generation clouds, the network and tenant environments are coupled, only abstracted by the hypervisor.

Oracle follows a Least Trust Design principle. We don’t trust the hardware, the customer (think rogue employees), or the hypervisor. That’s why we’ve separated our network and tenant environments. Isolating that network virtualization helps prevent the spread and lateral movement of attacks.

In addition, with Oracle Big Data Service, all Cloudera security features are enabled with strong authentication, role-based authorization, auditing, and encryption.

  1. Oracle Big Data Service and the Compute and Storage You Want

Whether you’re using Oracle Big Data Cloud for development, test, data science, or data lakes, we offer the compute offerings you need for your use case. Leverage the flexibility of virtual machines (VMs), block storage, and with direct-attached NVMe (non-volatile memory express) storage, the unparalleled performance of bare metal.

  1. Oracle Big Data Service and Superior Networking

With Oracle Big Data Service, you can expect high fidelity, virtual networks, and connectivity. Our networking is:


  • Fully configurable IP addresses, subnets, routing, and firewalls to support new or existing private networks

High performance and consistent

  • High bandwidth, microsecond latency network
  • Private access without traversing the internet

Capable of connecting to corporate networks

  • FastConnect—dedicated, private connectivity
  • VPN Connect—simple and secure internet connectivity
  1. Oracle Big Data Service and Oracle’s Data Management Platform

Your organization spends time and effort creating, attaining and storing data and you want to be able to use it. You can reduce the time, cost, and effort of getting data from wherever it originates to all the places it’s needed across the enterprise with Oracle.

Oracle has spent decades building and expanding its data management platform.

With Oracle’s end-to-end data management, you get an easy connection to:

  • Oracle Autonomous Database
  • Oracle Analytics Cloud
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Streaming
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Catalog
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Science
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Flow
  • The list goes on …

And with a unified query with Oracle Cloud SQL, you’ll be able to correlate information from a variety of sources using Oracle SQL. In addition, you will gain a host of Oracle analytic and connectivity options, including:

  • Oracle Machine Learning
  • Oracle Big Data Spatial and Graph
  • Oracle Big Data Connectors
  • Oracle Data Integrator Enterprise Edition

Oracle Big Data Service for All Your Data Lake Needs

From enabling machine learning to storing and analyzing data, Oracle Big Data Service is a scalable, secure data lake service that meets your requirements at a low cost and the highest levels of security.

It allows you to worry less about managing and storing data. And it empowers you to start analyzing your data in a way that makes the future of your organization more successful than ever before.

To learn more about how to get started with data lakes, check out Oracle Big Data Service—and don’t forget to subscribe to the Oracle Big Data blog to get the latest posts sent to your inbox.


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