Getting Started with Chatbots by Tamer Qumhieh Introduction


At Oracle Open World 2016, Larry Ellison demoed the upcoming Oracle Intelligent Bots Cloud Service (IBCS), if you haven’t seen the demo, you can watch the recording on youtube.

Chatbots employ a conversational interface that is both lean and smart, and if designed properly is even charming. Chat helps people find the things they want and need, as well as delivering great services and information directly into an interface they already know and love.Think about how much work it takes to compare and decide on which app to download. Then actually downloading it is never as easy as it sounds, and then the anxiety of where on your home screen to put it on, and then learning yet another new interface. Chatbots are the singularity that smart devices have been waiting for, the streamlined experience that will finally unshackle us from the burden that our apps put on our devices. For most of what we do on our mobile devices, the chatbot and chat interface are ideal.

Main Article

In this article, I’l go through a step-by-step guide on how to get started with chatbots and build your first Facebook chatbot. We will implement the bot using NodeJS and will deploy to Oracle Application Cloud Service ‘ACCS’, for more information on Oracle ACCS please click here. In a nutshell, below are the discussed topics:

· Create Facebook Page.

· Create Facebook App.

· Create Webhook and register with Facebook.

· Receive Facebook Messages

· Test using Facebook Messenger

· Deploy to ACCS

In order to proceed with this tutorial, you need to have a Facebook account and you should install Facebook Messenger on your mobile device.

Create Facebook Page

· Login to with your Facebook credentials. From upper left corner, click the drop down menu and create a page. Read the complete article here. Want to try the Chat bot? Get your MCS and ACC trial here and get the chat bot code here.

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