Which OpenWorld Europe Sessions Should You Attend?

Line of business leaders – don’t let your valuable data go stale. Learn about new ways you can manage it and gain value during OpenWorld Europe, happening January 16 and 17 this year.

Oracle has entered a truly exciting time with the development of the Autonomous Database. We’ve continually added new products and new capabilities, like Autonomous Transaction Processing and Autonomous Data Warehouse. These new products will help you in your digital transformation as the world revolutionizes the way data is utilized.

Here are the data management and Autonomous Database sessions you don’t want to miss.

Oracle Code Keynote: Cloud-Native Data Management [SOL1843-LON]

The rise of the cloud brought many changes to the way in which developers build applications today. Containers, Serverless, and Microservices are just a few of the technologies and methodologies that are unthinkable of not being part of a modern cloud-native architecture. Yet the next big step is yet to come. Developers know how to build scalable and distributed cloud-native applications but still have to rely on traditional and fragmented data stores to serve their applications with the data they need to process. Penny Avril will unveil the next evolution of a cloud-native data management platform that not only can store and analyze all your data but is also capable to tune, secure and heal itself so that developers can continue to focus on building the next revolutionary application.

Speaker: Penny Avril, Vice President, Server Technology Division, Oracle

Wednesday, January 16, 09:00 AM – 10:20 AM | Arena 2 (Level 3) – ExCeL London

Oracle Autonomous Database [SOL1682-LON]

Oracle Chairman and Chief Technology Officer Larry Ellison describes the Oracle Autonomous Database as “probably the most important thing Oracle has ever done.” In his annual Oracle OpenWorld address, Oracle Executive Vice President Andy Mendelsohn shares the latest updates from the Database Development team along with customer reaction to Oracle Autonomous Database.

The definition of Digital Transformation continues to evolve. Many people think of Digital Transformation as — to be simplistic — as the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business. But Digital Transformation has the potential to be so much more – it’s a necessary disruptor. Digital Transformation isn’t just about technology . . . it’s part vision, perspective, strategy and precision. Companies will experience digital transformation across the enterprise — from customers, to employees, to partners alike. Learn how successful companies evolve to not only respond to customer, employee, and partner needs, but focus on strategies and technologies that straddle digital transformation. Hear from June Manley of Data Intensity on digital transformation.

Speakers: Andrew Mendelsohn, Executive Vice President, Database Server Technologies, Oracle; June Manley, CMO, Data Intensity, LLC; Eric Grancher, Head of Database Department, CERN; Manuel Martin Marquez, Data Analytics Scientist, CERN

Wednesday, January 16, 12:55 PM – 02:15 PM | Arena 1 (Level 3) – ExCeL London

The Changing Role of the DBA [SES1683-LON]

The advent of the cloud and the introduction of Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud presents opportunities for every organization, but what’s the future role for the DBA? In this session explore how the role of the DBA will continue to evolve, and get advice on key skills required to be a successful DBA in the world of the cloud.

Speaker: Penny Avril, Vice President, Server Technology Division, Oracle

Wednesday, January 16, 02:25 PM – 03:00 PM | Arena 1 (Level 3) – ExCeL London

Unleash the Potential of Data to Drive a Smarter Business [SES1221-LON]

Organizations are under tremendous pressure to lower cost, reduce risk, and accelerate innovation. In this session learn how Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud is helping customers achieve these objectives by leveraging the most valuable currency of the company: data. With its self-driving, self-repairing, and self-securing capabilities using machine leaning, all stakeholders including executives, business users, and data analysts can gain insights for smarter business decisions, and IT can deploy applications in minutes for faster innovation. Learn why Larry Ellison calls Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud “the most important thing we have done in a long time.” See how it is revolutionizing data management and empowering line of business, DBAs, and data scientists, to do more with data.

Speakers: Monica Kumar, Vice President, Product Marketing Database and Big Data, Oracle

Thursday, January 17, 12:10 PM – 12:45 PM | Arena 2 (Level 3) – ExCeL London


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