Persistent routes for VPN when interface # varies for Debian

I am trying to add persistent routes to my Debian box, which I am using as VPN server.

I am currently using “ip route” commands to add the routing. Here’s an example of a command that I use:

ip route add via dev ppp0
ip route add via dev ppp1

The problem is that everytime the server restarts, or one of the connections get disconnected, it gets reconnected with a different interface #, which makes the previously added route command invalid already. I need a way to keep the routing valid, even when the interface # changes.

I have found a similar question, but the solution here is for Windows, not for Debian/Linux:

How to add persistent route for 2 VPN connections when interface # varies?

I would appreciate it if someone could point me to the right direction of getting the same solution but for Debian.



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