Questions on controlling alarms from PI

Hi – I am posting questions and answers I get here so that everyone can see them.

⑴Is it possible to make PI ingest only the metrics of business days in the pre-setting, so you can avoid false alerts in holidays on Tuesday for example?
⑵Is it possible for specific metric (e.g. CPU usage of virtual desktop server ) only to be used in correlation analysis to detect accident indication because in security industries the CPU usage alone varies according to spontaneous event like election, accident and such. For this case i think the client can correctly detects an accident indication with CPU usage and transaction volume.

1) Yes – see documentation:

any day or set of days that you can configure in “Quartz” (like a linux cron job syntax). So for example a Tuesday holiday, or the last 3 days of the month in case of financial firms.

2) Yes. See this documentation:

By filtering out CPU in this way, you will only see it being anomalous if it is mathematically related to another metric that is anomalous (and not filtered out).


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