site to site vpn between sonicwall and pfsense

The problem i am facing is establishment of a site to site VPN in between pfSense( version 2.0.1) and SonicWall Pro2040 Enhanced ( Firmware Version: SonicOS Enhanced .
All of the configuration is done properly , still i got the following error in sonicwall –enter image description here

Phase 1 and 2 passes properly but problem with “Payload processing” i found that it could be for shared key mismatch but I double check , no mismatch with shared key in both firewall .
It also shows in sonicwall that tunnel is active-
enter image description here

The log from pfSense is below –
enter image description here

In pfSense the tunnel shows inactive .

I am not too expert in firewall, so I will be grateful if will receive a proper guideline in this regard,


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