stickysession not work fine in apache and two Glassfish Instances

I have two application that run in two Glassfish Instances, i configure my apache to use sticky session like so :

ProxyPass / balancer://Appcluster/ stickysession=JSESSIONID

But this not work 100% correct, it change some times the instance when the client goes from App1 to App2.

I check the cookies in my navigator it show me something like this :

cookies of browser

I found another configuration in web.xml, like so :


So when i make this path like this every thing work fine, but it create a new context every navigation between this two application.

Now i configure my Glassfish and set the App1 like a Default Web Module, this work fine and the context is the same, and the sever create a new cookie like this :

cookies of browser

But when i try to connect with the NO Default Web Module, it use two Instances.

Can you please propose the right configuration of Apache and Glassfish to run multiple application in a cluster environment?

Thank you


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