10MB XLSX attachment, Unscannable due to limits exceeded

I need a solution

Having the same issue as posted here:

XLSX file size is less than 10MB, extracts to 140MB.  I set the SMG limit to 500MB (which seems silly that I’d even have to do) and still I cannot get the email to release from the spam quarantine or deliver if I have the email re-sent.

According to the audit logs, reason for quarantine is:
Unscannable due to limits exceeded, Reinsert

If I go to the Spam Quarantine and try to release it says:
Message(s) successfully released from quarantine.
Cannot submit the selected message(s) to Symantec Security Response. The request cannot be processed because request exceeds the limit size. For more information, see the Help or product documentation.

Email delivers to a Gmail account without issue and the attachment seems fine.

How can I get this email to pass through SMG??



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