agent won’t uninstall

I need a solution

The agent on one of my windows 10 PC was locked up.  The agent page said that it hadn’t been updated in months.  None of the links on the page worked. I deleted the computer from the console  and then I tried to uninstall and it seemed to work, but when I try to install it again it tell me it wants to upgrade and runs an uninstall again where it gets up to 90+ percent and then roles back to 60 percent and stays that way for at least 5 minutes. and then says it was successful and to reboot to install.  I re-boot and again it tell me I have an old version and has to upgrade and tries to uninstall again and I end up in this loop where it keep tell me to reboot and never actually get to install, but the computer doesn’t show any indication of the agent.  There is no directory, nothing in the tray and no processes or aapps running.  Any ideas what is stopping the uninstall/install process



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