Authentication via VS Code

I need a solution

Hey all,

i’m new to symantec DLP and i’m trying now to write JAVA code which will allow me to access to my Symantec DLP account. By following the steps in “Symantec™ Data Loss Prevention Incident Reporting and Update API Developers Guide” i knew that the user must have some privilege and have a specific jar in my JAVA code which contains specifics methods. This jar will allow java code to communicate with DLP Plateforme. Unfortunately during the execution of my code, this shows me the following error. Can anyone help me to solve this error ?

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 Non unique body parts! In a port, as per BP 1.1 R2710 operations must have unique operation signature on the wire for successful dispatch. Methods [listCustomAttributes, listIncidentStatus] have the same request body block . Method dispatching may fail, runtime will try to dispatch using SOAPAction. Another option is to enable AddressingFeature to enabled runtime to uniquely identify WSDL operation using wsa:Action header.


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