Changing System Admin Email Address for Salesforce Securlet Connection

I need a solution


Can I please get some advice. My organisation is going through a major change and we will be changing our email domain for user and shared mailbox.

We currently have configured Salesforce Securlet connection using a shared mailbox. Since this shared mailbox domain will be changed, we will need to reflect this change in CASB.

My questions if someone could help me:-

  • Is there a way for me to change the email address/CloudSoc username?
  • If no.
    • Then it seem like I will need to set-up a new CloudSoc account? then update the email on Salesforce side.
    • If so will the API connection break?
    • we will require to re-create Salesforce Securlet connections again?
    • Will there be any option to somehow have some continuity to the Securlet data? Prior and After the change? 




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