Client Authentication Certificate or Mutual TLS Support for Older Bluecoat Version

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Can anyone tell me if Blueoat version supports Mutual TLS or a Client Authentication certificate? Basically we have a system that will make a restful web service call to our MuleSoft implementation using Mutual TLS or a client certificate to authenticate the request but the HTTP request is made from the client system to the Bluecoat system then to the Mulesoft on-premisis instance. We need the Bluecoat to potentially handle the SSL handshake to secure the “wire” between the client system and the Bluecoat but we want to pass the client certificate through to Mulesoft. We would like to also have a TLS endpoint exposed from MuleSoft so the whole transmission is encrypted. Can this be done with any of these products? Specifically, we would like like to know if this version supports this or we should upgrade to the latest version of ProxySG which we believe, based on technical documents, does support this. Anything that you can contribute would be appeciated.




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