Data encrypted to unknown ID

I need a solution

Our current keys are set to expire soon.  We created a new set of keys and sent the public key to our vendor for testing.  When I try to decrypt the vendor’s test file, I get error 3144: Data is encrypted to unknown ID.

My questions:

1. I assume the ID used to encrypt the test file should match the id of the public key?  Is this assumption correct?  When I verify the vendor’s test file, the ID does not match our public key.  The vendor has confirmed they’ve imported our public key.  I’m just not certain they’re using it to encrypt the test file.

2. On my test server, we’re running a trial version of PGP (ver 10.4).  I downloaded a new trial version and used the license ID of the new download to authorize the version loaded on my test server.  Could this be part of the issue?  Would I need to uninstall the old version and install the latest?

3. There were old keyrings on the test server in the PGP main folder.  I simply moved the files to an archive folder, then copied in my new keys, and created new keyrings.  My local encrypt/decrypt tests work fine.  Is this the proper procedure to replace old keyrings?




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