Devices getting software not assigned to them

I need a solution

This has been a ongoing random issue for about 1 1/2 now, these devices are not assigned to the filter nor any policies for the software yet the agent installs the software. We thought maybe it was dup GUID so we turned on the policy to correct GUID and that did find devices but the fact we have dup GUID is even odder, our imaging is doing sysprep and some of these dupe GUID on Mac devices that we don’t image, people have non-mac software beeing assigned to them  If our devices didn’t not get sysprepred we would having a whole ton of other issues and it would be more then just the 50 or so devices that showed.

Open a ticket but I have run out of ideas of what is even causing this or where to start, use to blame it on someone adding devices to filters by mistake but audits show those filters are not even updating



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