Devices randmoly added to mutiple filters

I need a solution

We have seen over the past couple of months for no reason a device will all of a sudden be added to 10 different filters and start installing software they never requested. At first I blamed our techs for picking the wrong device but after digging into it more I cannot find that anyone even modified the filters that the device is now in, the only way to clear the issue up is to delete the device out of altiris and let it re added its self without all of the filter memberships and have someone uninstall all of the software.

The first started occering after the release of RU5 and we are now using ru7. Its not on a large scale either, out of 10k endpoints maybe seen it on 10 devices. I have tried to do audits on the devices but I get limited info on when or why this device got that added to that filter, anyone seen this before?



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