Disk image create and restore issue

I need a solution

Hello, I have a Windows Server 2012 R2 server with GSS 3.3 installed. Client computer OS is Windows 10, Disk Management looks like attached image “disk_management.png”. In diskpart concole the disk and partition information looks like attached image “diskpart.png”
In GSS console:
Create image job command: -CLONE,MODE=CREATE,SRC=2,DST=%IMAGE_FILENAME% -SURE -SPLIT=0 -Z3
Image location: 1:2ImagesImage.gho
Restore image command: -CLONE,MODE=RESTORE,SRC=%IMAGE_FILENAME%,DST=2 -sure
Image location: 1:2ImagesImage.gho

1. To create image, if image location set to D:Imagesimage.gho, the job seems never complete, status is keeping “Uploading disk image…” unless I delete the job manually. If image location set to 1:2xxxx.gho, the job completed successfully. Why this happens?
2. Restore image not work with above ghost command, the warning message is “The Drive number selected for deploying an image connot be same as the Drive number on which the image is stored.” Anything wrong in the restore command? Please advise.



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