Does Blue Coat still exist?

I need a solution

Hello everyone,

Several years ago my organisation evaluated Blue Coat and were very happy with the product. We haven’t been in a position to implement it, until now.

I see that Blue Coat has been purchased by Symantec, however:

  • There is no information about it on the Symantec website
  • The Blue Coat forums are closed down
  • All Blue Coat URLs point to the Symantec home page, not product specific pages
  • The only documentation on here is from 2014
  • Symantec in my country (UK) do not have an email address or online chat, only a phone number and that phone number always rings 4 times and then hangs up (been trying intermittently over a 2 week period)
  • I don’t see any comments related to the product on Google in the past two years.

Therefore I am starting to think that the BlueCoat product, and USB control and protection within Symantec, is dead.

Is this true?



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