Failed to download package: Bad Hash (0x80090002)

I need a solution

I created an MSI and added it to a new software release. I distributed it to all the site servers and deployed it to 3 computers along with my test computer. I had to change the MSI later on, so I had to rebuild it. I deleted the msi from the Software Library via the GUI and added my modified version. I re-distributed the package again. I normally run a SQL query to see if the package is ready:

SELECT rrsp.Name,sps.Status,vc.Name FROM RM_ResourceSoftware_Package rrsp
JOIN SWDPackageServer sps ON sps.PackageId = rrsp.Guid
JOIN vComputer vc ON vc.Guid = sps.PkgSvrId
WHERE rrsp.Name like '<%Package name%>'
order by rrsp.Name

When I deployed it to my test machine again I got the message in the logs:

PackageDownload    AeXPackageDelivery.dll    AeXNSAgent.exe    Failed to download package ‘{55555-3333-6666-7777-abcdefabcdef}’ from: \<SoftwareLibraryShare>55555-3333-6666-7777-abcdefabcdef, local blocks: 0/1, error: Bad Hash (0x80090002)

PackageDownload    AeXPackageDelivery.dll    AeXNSAgent.exe    Failed to download package ‘{55555-3333-6666-7777-abcdefabcdef}’ from:…, local blocks: 0/1, error: Bad Hash (0x80090002) 

I checked the sig and snapshot for that package on the NS and matched it with the same package on the package server. They both matched, but when I checked the same data on the endpoint via C:Program FilesAltirisAltiris AgentAgentsSoftwareManagementSoftware Delivery{55555-3333-6666-7777-abcdefabcdef}, everything is from the first time I deployed the MSI. Also, when the file gets downloaded, the MSI has 0 bytes and the task fails because it took longer than expected. I deployed it throughout the day and still the same issue. If I deploy it to a computer that never had the software, it deploys just. Any insight as to why this is happening and how to resolve it?

I have tried to delete the folder struction where the MSI is downloaded to and also deleted the whole folder C:Program FilesAltirisAltiris AgentAgentsSoftwareManagementSoftware Delivery{55555-3333-6666-7777-abcdefabcdef}. I noticed when I did that the folder {55555-3333-6666-7777-abcdefabcdef} never regenerates in C:Program FilesAltirisAltiris AgentAgentsSoftwareManagementSoftware Delivery.



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