Ghost Image of System in RST UEFI from USB Boot

I need a solution

Hello, I’ve been using Ghost to image my personal machines for about 20 years. I simply boot off the CD and create backups to another drive, and restore in the same fashion. Now I just bought a new laptop, that doesn’t have a CD drive. So I created a bootable USB, which works on my older machines, but not the new laptop. The laptop bios settings include:  storage controller RST mode (not entirely sure why this laptop requires this), boot mode UEFI (can’t go to Legacy boot mode in RST), and USB boot enabled. I’ve tried multiple different settings and the laptop just will not bring up the USB in the boot menu. I tried taking the SSD out to put it in my old machine, but then realized it’s not SATA (it’s NVMe PCIe).

So can someone please enlighten me on how best create a Ghost image of this hard drive? Many thanks in advance!



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