How can specify URL for TCP tunneling requests for Line Application?

I need a solution

     I have to disable Tunnel on Protocol Error function because it allow client to use unwanted protocol over HTTPS such as SSH. But the problem is client still need to use Line Application which need to do TCP tunneling. Right now, I have to manually created service group, use TCP tunnel with detect protocol for them in all proxies and worse than that is I have to specify the destination using IP address only.

     Line Application has been updated a lot. It’s been changed or added more IP address almost every updated. When the update happen, client always face some problem such as cannot login or cannot view or send pictures, stickers or files. The only way I can know what’s going on is I have to run packet capture on them and see which destination IP address has a problem and add it to service group.

     It would be nice if I can specify destination by URL for TCP tunneling or if you have other solution for me, please advice.




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