How multiple domain name work in DNS feature

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I have 6 internal DNS servers which own internal domain names. I have divided the domain name for each DNS server in proxy because it can specify with maximum 8 domain names. My problem is when I add one of my domain in the D group (As picture below), proxy status become warning (In the D group has 1 domain previously) but when I remove it, proxy status become OK. After that I put this one problem domain in the C group, proxy status still OK.

So I decide to put the problem domain name back to group C and run capture packet in proxy. It seems proxy lookup only one domain name in the list and not the problem domain. Then I put the problem domain name in the group D and run capture packet. Proxy lookup the problem domain and status turn warning.

Group C have 7 domain names in the list and Group D has only 1 domain name in the list (This is exclude the problem domain).

I have test lookup A record from my computer for this domain name using all DNS servers and the result is the same.

This is why I wonder how Domains in DNS feature works and not sure the problem I have face is normal behavior of the proxy.

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