How to remove the login to symantec on bios level

I need a solution

Sorry for my poor English.

How can I remove the login to symantec on bios level, I can’t login to my os to uninstall it because the os is broken that I was installed symantec.

login symantec

I installed Symantec for only trial. I installed the Symantec Endpoint Encryption management server, I followed it to created and installed a client msi file. After the encrypted all of the disk was down, I did the decrypt all of the disk and leave it to decrypting. It’s restart the computer when I checked. And I login the Symantec(as above), the something happen: I can’t enter that os, the os is broken! and it is not just one, two of then are broken incloud that I was installed Symantec.

recovery computer

“The application or operating system couldn’t be loaded because a required file is missing or contains errors

File: Windowssystem32winload.exe

Error code: 0xc000000f

Choose one of the option to solve this problem

Press Esc to repair ( this option didn’t work”

Press Enter to try again (this option I try many times it still the same)

Press F8 to select startup settings

Press F9 to use a different operating system”

I only can use the last option to choose other os enter windows, and I can see the two of disks are broken (four of two os are broken)

How can I uninstalled it? Please..




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