IP address not configured after deploy

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GSS 3.1 MP6, Windows 10 1703 x64 image destination 


I’m facing a problem after deploying an image : IP adress is not configured in the configuration process after deploy. Computer name is configured, but not the IP. So multiple PC have the same IP, so conflict and domain joining fail. In fact only one PC of the job is doing the full process well, the one who success to join the network.

I suspect the option : Boot to production to complete configuration task to be the cause of my problem, so I uncheck it. But after the task begin (or after complete), if I edit the task the option is checked again… Is that a bug???

So it drive me to this question : my source image have a static IP. If I set it to DHCP, will the configuration task be able too set static IP from computer configuration?

Is there a best practice of configuration for the source image?


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