IT Management Suite 8.1 Release Update 2 (RU2) is now available

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High-lights of this release update:

  • New certificate management capabilities

  • Support for SNMPv3

  • New task for removing expired schedules

  • Ability to resume Software Management Framework activities on a computer pending a restart or a logoff

  • Support for:

    • Ubuntu

    • Windows 10 Creators Update

    • SLE 12 SP2

    • Windows Server 2016 – Site Server Support

    • RHEL 7.3 Managed Client Support (except Deployment Solution)

    • CentOS 7.3 Managed Client Support

  • New default filter is added for the Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 computers

  • SQL Server 2016 SP1 Support

  • 232 defects resolved, including 41 customer reported issues.


The release notes are available at the following URL:



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