large file being blocked by SPE

I need a solution

Hi, I am running SPE 8.0 on Windows 2016 server. We have some large zip files that are blocked by SPE. When copying the files from the NAS to the local server, it always denid access. The zip files are not encrypted and the Maximum extract size of file settings under the container handling policy has exceeed the actual file size. There is file size limit set for scanning. The old part is even if I configured the container handling to log only and it still blocked access to the file (unless I disabled the scanning on the NAS). Here is the errror.

ICAP protocol issue: unexpected ICAP status code 500 returned by facility spescanner:1344

Fri May  3 10:11:28 2019               MAJOR Event ID:10.34   Error occurred while scanning for viruses.



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