Linux client not appending .gho or .ghs to files

I do not need a solution (just sharing information)

When I use the linux client to create an image of a disk, it is not making the .ghs files.  Instead, it continually tries to overwite the same filename without the .gho.  For example if the image name I type is “JohnSmith-desktop”, it does not append the ,gho to the end automatically and it keeps writing to the same file over and over again until it reaches about 2 GB and then starts over.  

If I manually put .gho at the end, like “JohnSmith-desktop.gho”, then it names the following files, but names them “JohnSmith-desktop.001”, “JohnSmith-desktop.002”, and so on.  It does not append the .ghs to the end.  

Anybody know how to fix this?



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