Management Center failed to send emails due to authentication errors

I need a solution


I’ve an issue with management center appliance ( v2.2.1.1), as i cannot send emails when a job finished it’s task, in the time SMTP configuration (Mail Settings) is as follow:

Mail Server: Mail Server IP

Mail Server Port: 587 (Custom Port)

From Address:


– This SMTP Server with customer port (587) uses a secure connection.

– On mail server a policy is created with MC IP address not to require authentication from that IP.

– We imported exchage server certificate on management center.

When we use default port 25 (not secure port) it works well.

– When checking MC logs we found the following error 

caused by: org.springframework.mail.MailAuthenticationException: Authentication failed; nested exception is javax.mail.AuthenticationFailedException: 535 5.7.3 Authentication unsuccessful



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