reputation blacklist again and again while not blacklisted elsewhere

I need a solution

Dear Symantec team,

I operate a mailserver that is on no DNS black list, but on your reputation list. I do a lot to defeat spam and I am pretty sure to not be an open relay. I know all users on my mail server personally and they do not send spam. I monitor the number of outgoing mails. I have it in my Munin graphs. Half a year ago, I moved my mail setup to the current server and there was something in the past with the IP address I “inherited”. Some month ago, I noticed that a mail server did not like my server, but without any clear information. With some research I found the Symantec reputation list ( and that my server is listed. I submitted a deletion request and got off this black list. But I was added again within a few days. I repeated the step, got listed again and this is going on for a few weeks.

I found this forum and obviously I am not the only one with this problem.

In a current case, the refusing mail server at least gives me the message:[] refused to talk to me: 501 Connection rejected by policy [7.7] 26216, please visit for more details about this error message.

Thus, I know it is the/a Symantec list that causes the problem.

How do I get off this list permanently (without moving to another IP address)?

My mailserver’s IP address is:

Best regards and thanks in advance,




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