I do not need a solution (just sharing information)

I’m having trouble corresponding with a few of my clients who have servers behind MessageLabs infrastructure. 

There seems to be an error in delivery. I’m corresponding from (IP is and



I’ve double checked the following:

  • IP is not black listed on any SBL’s and DNS as well.
  • Symantec IP investigation tool shows NO negative reputation of mentioned IP
  • I’ve also sent email with de list request to: with reply:
  • “….We will investigate and if necessary setup counter measures to make sure that it is not blocked again in the future. The reason for your IP being identified as a zombie is that Symantec received what appears to be spam email traffic from your IP into its Probe Network and performed a series of tests to determine if your IP address was a mail server. Upon failing this initial test, we performed additional analysis of the email traffic prior to listing the IP.”

Email still don’t reach any recepient within the target domain.

I’ll be apreciate You to investigate my case and release domainIP form black lists.





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