Naming a windows 10 computer post-image

I need a solution

Does anyone know if Symnatec might add a task specifically to name a computer with a promt for the end-user? I currently use a powershell script that prompts the end-user to name the computer. Lately, my current windows 10 image of build 1903 has been initiating the altiris agent before my admin account automatically logs into the desktop. The result here is the script will run before-hand and fail. My image job process does the following:

1. Deploy image

2. reboot to production

3. Run windows 10 application job

Step 3 should not start until the administrator account logs in automatically and the desktop is on the screen (this has been working great for years) just lately this issue began. I was thinking instead of a script, does or would Symantec have a speciifc task to prompt for a computer name? I checked out Apply System Configuration’ but the options look like the naming needs to be predefined.

SCCM for example uses a variable OSDCompterName intheir task sequence that prompts the end-user at the start of the imaging job and applies the name into the OS sometime during their imaging process.



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