NS 8.1 net new policies

I need a solution

I am new to NS and I am looking for a way to create a MSD Policy that will install different software apps to network new devices. The catch is that I have several client companies and I need to be able to have several different MSD Policies to deploy specific apps just to those client computers.  The good thing is all of the clients have different computer naming conventions. 



TOY123XYZ  -> MSD Policy -> Adobe DC, Flash, and…….

MuscleMikes Gym

MUSM123XYZ -> MSD Policy -> McAfee, Office 2013, and…….


RAS123XYZ -> MSD Policy -> 7zip, photoshop, and…….

So this is what I think I need (and have no idea how to put together)

1. a compliance check that would run against all net new (or all)  machines. This check should be possibly looking for AD join/create Date (I THINK)

2. a compliance check that validates the computer name that way it knows which MSD Policy to run

3. compliance checks in the MSD Policy to determine if the required software is installed or not.  If missing Install it, If present skip it and check the next piece of software.

4. a log file added at the end to give info about what has happened and that can be used as a compliance mark to prove that the overall MSD Policy has run and does not need to run again.

See it sounds easy when I just list 4 steps.  But I am very confused and lost.  I don’t really have any issue creating a MSD Policy with dependancies for a single software install.  But the complexity of checking network join/created date, checking  machine hostname, and starting a separate policy based on that name are all concepts above my head.  


Thank you.



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