PGP not encrypting Outlook email when using WiFi network

I need a solution

Hi to all,

This is a puzzle that’s had me chasing around for a couple of weeks now, does anyone else have this or know why?

This is the situation:-

A dell laptop running Windows 7 and PGP Desktop 10.2.1 , Outlook 2010 and using Gmail IMAP and SMTP settings (which in Outlook are the default ports for non-encryption of 143 and 25).

When connected to a wired ethernet connection, works normally by intercepting Outlooks outgoing email and encrypts it.

When I take the laptop another location (home and a friends house) and connect to the house WiFi, PGP (is running, mail proxy enabled), does not intercept the outgoing email and Outlook just tries to send it, which of course is rejected by the Gmail server because I’m not connecting on an SSL port number. If I change the Outlook ports to the correct ones for SSL, then the email connects to the server and mail is sent OK.

This is also happening on a colleagues laptop, an MSI running Windows 10 and Outlook 2016 and he is using a different ISP at his home address, to that which I am using at my home address.

Both laptops have the latest (Feb 2018) updates.

TIA, regards, Don



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