Removal issues with SEP 14

I do not need a solution (just sharing information)

I have recently begun a process to remove all old Symantec Endpoint Protection 14 installations from many machines.

The issue is about 95% of Windows 7 machines fail to uninstall and return an error of 1603. (Through command line or Powershell). Trying to remove from the control panel will have the progress proceed for a little, then the installer will revert itself. Once this process is completed Internet Explorer is no longer functional on any user logins. It modifies Internet Explorer registry keys during uninstall and doesn’t fix them during rollback. The only way to fix it, and restore functionality is to CleanWipe the machine. I have about 600 of these that need to be removed and realistically I cannot be manually running CleanWipe on each one.

What are my options here? I’ve looked many remote uninstall methods seem to be deprecated or not for use in 14. From what I can tell this is only affecting Windows 7 machines and 10 uninstalled without issues. Any input is appreciated.



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