SEP 14.2 RU1(3335): service “SepMasterService” crashes randomly on Windows 10

I need a solution

Hello guys,
It happens sometimes, like one time per several days on latest Win 10 x64 1903 Enterprise
Event log says “The Symantec Endpoint Protection service terminated unexpectedly.  It has done this 3 time(s).”. Error: 7034
When I start service manually after that failure it works properly but it can’t be recovered aromatically because there is no recovery option after third failure.
I was trying to add it but I have no access even during command prompt.
Please see screenshots.

I would like to fix that crashes and if it’s possible add additional recovery restart service option to 3rd or later failures.

I also have SEP clients on Windows 8.1 and they have no problem, no one crash was noticed.

Any suggestion would be highly appreciated.



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