SEP client showing as out-of-date

I need a solution

Hi, we were running SEP14.2 RU1MP1. The SEP Manager is running fine and is distributing updates to the SEP clients. The clients show that they are connected to the SEP Manager and are receiving updates and policies. The issue is that when you open the SEP client GUI, it says that the client is out of date. Virus and Spyware, PTP and NTP updates are all up-to-date. I have checked between the Endpoint client, SEP Manager, and from Symantec site. They are all the same with the latest definitions update versions. What can I check for? What is causing this issue? We do not even see the green dots on the SEP client icon as the client thinks that it is out-of-date. Note, it is happening on all the SEP clients. We have upgrared to SEP14.2RU2. The issue still exists.

 Thanks in advanced, MabundaG



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