SEPM 14 freezing, and now “Unexpected Server Error” when launching

I need a solution

Since I upgraded SEPM to version 14 yesterday I’ve had 2 instances of it freezing. The first time I left it alone for about 30 mins and when I came back it was totally unresponsive (although from Win task mgr I could see it was still running).  I left it for a further 15 mins and was able to regain control again.  Today the same thing happened, but I didn’t have 15 mins to wait so I closed it form task mgr, but was then unable to launch it.

After rebooting the server, I’m now getting an “Unexpected Server Error” when I try and launch SEPM as per screenshot below.

I’m running Win Server 2008 R2 64-bit SP1

Had a quick look for logs but couldn’t find any




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