SEPPrep push to a large number of clients?

I need a solution


     I’m gradually migrating a fairly large enterprise from McAfee to SEP 14.2.  I have a SEPM setup with a client protecting the SEPM server.  I want to start prioritizing migration for groups.  I figure I’d start with a test group of 100 and move up to 1,000 clients.  Since I’m going to be removing McAfee and it has previously shown itself to be VERY persistant and obstinant to removal, I wanted to use the SEPPrep/competing-products removal tool enmasse to cleanly remove McAfee just prior to pushing SEP.  It appears that it’s intended to be used on a single client at a time.  Is there a supported way to push the tool to a large number of clients to ensure McAfee gets removed cleanly?






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