I need a solution

Hi All

We use Fusion who just bought Megapath and Apptix, they have their Exchange server using Symantec Message Labs.

We are having issue with anybody using ProofPoint and sending us email, for 6 months Fusion and Symantec blame the other party saying their are sending to the wrong IP address of the MX 216 and when the current one are 67, is right but after deep investigation we found out that one of our client have a high volume of email beetween proofpoint users, so they DNS query is realyl high due to the high volume of emails. We saw that when ProofPoint does a high volume of DNS query then they get a old IP address of that MX record and we think that’s because Message Labs thinks is a DOS attack or something so it provide a wrong IP hoping it will not receive more request.

This need to be fix asap, due to really affect our business, if a moderator need to know our domain please DM cause I don’t want to make that inforamtion public do to be big firm names.

Thank you!



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