SMG doesn’t use higher preference MX routes?

I do not need a solution (just sharing information)

We have a compliance rule which routes matching messages to a domain name using MX records that we have defined in our DNS.  There are two MXes with preference 10 and one MX with preference 100.

During our most recent DR test, when both MX 10s were unavailable, the matching emails were just queueing up, Not willing to go to the MX 100 route.  I even started a TCPDUMP session which detected zero attempts to connect to the MX 100 target host.

Lowered the MX to 50.   Nothing.

Lowered the MX to 10, to match the other two – bingo, the emails flowed out to that target host.

So what’s going on there?  Is SMG’s routing logic broken?



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