Symantec Backup 2012 Disaster Recovery to different hardware, or other testing routes

I need a solution

Okay, I know this post is going to sound like a broken record, but I have searched and read through other threads but it seemed to either not address or solve the issue directly or give an unclear explanation that pertained to that specific persons problem. Here it goes and please accept my apologies if this post seems so redundant. 

Okay so I have a HP Proliant DL380 G4 server running Symantec Backup Exec 2012 (I know, I know, it’s an old server lol) and I’m used to using Puredisk but it seems quite easy administering backups with SBE 2012 UNTIL! it’s time to do recovery testing. I noticed I didn’t have an adequate testing environment for my recovery tests, so I grabbed the best computer I could find which is a Dell Tower 5810 w/ a 1TB backup drive and a 250GB boot drive which isn’t setup for RAID. So I tried doing a recovery of my HP Proliant server to my Dell Tower and I was met with a number of obstacles that indicated my recovery might go so smoothly, I will list those messages at the end. A little FYI – I do full SDR backups on our server here, the server is setup in a RAID 0 with a C: and D: drive and the Dell Tower is booting AHCI. Basically, I am not able to recover my backups to the Dell Tower. It’s obvious that either this scenario won’t work at all or I will need to do quite a bit of tweaking to make my test recoveries successful. I would really like to be able to find a way to recovery to the Dell Tower because if that HP server did crash then that may very well be all I have to use. So I have two questions if anyone can please answer:

1. How can I get this scenario to work; how can I get my recovery my backups to different hardware?

2. In the future, what is the best test environment to setup for conducting test recoveries? 

Thanks, thanks, thanks, to anyone who can help me with this. It has been a headache going on three days trying to figure this out on my own. Below are the messages I ran into while trying to test-recover my backups to a different computer:

– Your computer may not start successfully, if your system or boot volume resides on one of the hard disks attached to an inactive controller

– Drivers for one or more controllers are not installed. The computer may not start because the required system…

– If the recovered computer contains multiple hard disks, ensure that the computer’s BIOS is configured to start the computer from the hard disk that contains the Windows Operating System

– invalid partition table (I received this message after rebooting from a restore)




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